2ml CORTO Pipetting Assembly Syringe Kit

2ml CORTO Pipetting Assembly Syringe Kit

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  • Brand: TRUTH
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  • Quantity/Unit: 1/pack
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


The Corto Pipetting Assembly Syringe Kit is manufactured by the brand Truth. It is a self refilling syringe and a spring-loaded plunger along with a two-way plunger. The syringe is designed to allow uninterrupted liquid dosing purposes. This ensures greater accuracy and reproducibility in drug dosage distribution and reconstitution in hospital pharmacies. The plunger is equipped with an O ring, which seals it in a tight manner. The glass barrel has numbers to allow accurate volume measurements. A locking nut adjustment mechanism is also provided. Due to its self-refilling property, the capital investment involved in repetitive refilling of the syringes is removed. The instrument is compatible with a variety of reservoirs such as, vials, syringes, oral medication containers etc. The syringe is designed with finger rings and a thumb rest. This design increases the ease of use and makes hours of application effortless and non-fatiguing. Specifications: Product: The Corto Pipetting Assembly Syringe Kit Volume: 2 mL Brand: Truth Quantity: 1 per pack

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