Bromocresol Purple Indicator

Bromocresol Purple Indicator

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Brand: Micromaster

Catalog No.: IR011-100ml

Quantity/Unit: 100ML/Bottle

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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified

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Product Details

Bromocresol Purple Indicator is supplied by Micromaster. It is available in the form of a purple coloured solution which is clear without any particles. At pH 5.2, the indicator turns yellow and at pH 6.8, the indicator is purple. This product should be stored between 10-30°C in a tightly closed container. 

• Quantity provided: 100 ml/bottle

Bromocresol Purple is a water-soluble dye used as a protein probe. It has been used in the spectrophotometric determination of serum-albumin. It is a pH indicator with a transition interval from 5.2 - 6.8 (yellow to purple).


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