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GL 14 Condenser/Liebig,  400 MM,24/29

GL 14 Condenser/Liebig, 400 MM,24/29

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  • Brand: Biohall
  • Catalog No.: BLS.2300.49
  • Quantity/Unit: 1/Pack
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


GL 14 Condenser/Liebig, 400 MM,24/29 are supplied by Biohall. The simplest of laboratory condensers are designed to condense gas phase substances into their liquid phase. The most basic design will have tubes which will hold the gaseous substance and a coolant fluid in close proximity. Leibig Condensers are special type of condensers which are used as a part of distillation processes. Hot vapours from the distillation apparatus passes through the inner tube and the coolant passes through the outer jacket. GL 14 Condenser/Liebig, 400 MM,24/29 from Biohall have the following features:

- It is manufactured from 33 Borosilicate Glass of the expansion and low extractable type. (Specifications: ASTM E-438, USP Type I, Class A)

- The condenser has an inner tube which is sealed.

- Quality certifications;

DIN 12576

Product specifications:

Product name: GL 14 Condenser/Liebig, 400 MM,24/29

Catalogue number: BLS.2300.49

Dimensions of the condenser: 400 mm

Dimensions of the joint: 24/29

Stopcock specifications: GL 14

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