Lilpet with Two-step Plunger Operation, 500 ul

Lilpet with Two-step Plunger Operation, 500 ul

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Brand: Microlit

Catalog No.: MM-500

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Product Description

  • Capacity 500 ul.
  • MICROLIT LILPET, a miniature fixed volume micropipette, is a low cost, high precision liquid handling instrument.
  • Designed by our in-house team of product design engineers, it offers Two-step Plunger Operation and is specially designed for use with diagnostic kits.
  • It has an optimum size – 130 mm in length – for high user comfort during pipetting.
  • While using, hold it like a pipette, and not a syringe . Itcomes with Two-step Plunger Operation that facilitates reverse pipetting and ensures last drop dispensing.
  • The tip cone of MICROLIT LILPET (5 μl, 10 μl, 20 μl) is designed to accept both micro tips of 200 μL capacity and ultra-micro tips of as low as 20 μl capacity.

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