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Portable UV Lamp, 6W Long & Short Wave (366nm & 254nm)

Portable UV Lamp, 6W Long & Short Wave (366nm & 254nm)

  • Brand: Analtech USA
  • Catalog No.: 93-26
  • Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/Pack
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Min Orderable Qty : 1 Pack

For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


Portable UV Lamp, 6W Long & Short Wave (366nm & 254nm) is supplied by Spectroline
Analtech offers a full range of UV lamps with various combinations of UV wavelength, intensity, size, and wattage. Each UV lamp is designed for ease of use and will provide hours of trouble free operation. They are highly recommended as compact and economical sources for TLC and gel visualization. All UV lamps that Analtech sells feature a silver-anodized aluminum housing that makes the lamps both attractive and durable. A corrosion-resistant, specular-aluminum reflector optimizes UV irradiance. These lamps come with integrally filtered or unfiltered UV tubes, available with or without a separate filter assembly. Unfiltered tubes provide the highest UV intensity. Partial List of Typical Peak Intensities at a 15 cm distance: 4 watt combo lamp: 300 W/cm2 at 365 nm and 310 W/cm2 at 254nm. 6 watt combo lamp: 350 W/cm2 at 365 nm and 390 W/cm2 at 254nm. 8 watt combo lamp: 470 W/cm2 at 365 nm and 500 W/cm2 at 254 nm.
Catalogue number: 93-26

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