Protein Molecular Weight Marker-3110275001730

Protein Molecular Weight Marker-3110275001730

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  • Brand: Bangalore GeNei
  • Catalog No.: 3110275001730
  • Quantity/Unit: 0.5 ml/Vial
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


Protein molecular weight marker for the broad range is a mixture of individually purified proteins mixed to give bands on SDS-PAGE. Certain protein can be used as marker which binds to molecules of interest with high affinity. The marker is supplied in 10 mM Phosphate buffer (pH 7.0), 0.15 M KCl and 50% glycerol. The protein molecular weight marker helps in detecting broad range of protein molecules. The marker provides a volumes of 50 lanes and comes with a capacity of 0.5 ml. The protein, their respective molecular weights (MW) are as follows - Myosin Rabbit Muscle b (205000 Da),Phosphorylase b(97,400 Da) BSA (66,000 Da), Ovalbumin ( 43,000 Da), Carbonic Anhydrase ( 29,000 Da), Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor (20100 Da), Lysozyme (14,300 Da), Aprotinin ( 6,500 Da) insulin (alpha & beta chains) (3500 Da).It should be stored at -20-degree Celsius for long term use or 4 degree Celsius for daily usages.

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