TRUTH Interchangeable Syringe Metal Tip (MT), 100 ML

TRUTH Interchangeable Syringe Metal Tip (MT), 100 ML

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  • Brand: TRUTH
  • Catalog No.: 01-15-03-08
  • Quantity/Unit: 1/pack
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


Syringes are commonly used as liquid handling devices in chemical, biological, analytical, medical diagnostics laboratories, etc. Syringes are used for sample handling in several instruments such as chromatography, mass spectroscopy and several others. The brand Truth manufactures interchangeable syringes with metal tips. The instrument is internally frosted with numbers on both the barrels and plungers. These numbers may be easily matched to obtain a plunger-barrel pair that is a perfect fit. This ensures superior performance. When a liquid is drawn into the syringe, the opaque, frosted numbers becomes clear, thus allowing more accurate volume measurements. Further, the syringes manufactured by Truth are heat-resistant and have the ability to withstand higher pressures. The syringes are available as single pieces packed in a box. Specifications: Product: Interchangeable Syringe Metal Tip Brand: Truth Volume: 100 mL Quantity: 10 per pack

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