TRUTH PLS Glass Syringe Luar Tip (CT), 20 ML

TRUTH PLS Glass Syringe Luar Tip (CT), 20 ML

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  • Brand: TRUTH
  • Catalog No.: 03-10-01-06
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


The PLS Glass Syringe with Luar Tip is manufactured by the brand Truth. The PLS label on the syringes stand for Precision pressure tested (P), Laboratory Loss of resistance, smooth (L) and Syringe small graduations (S). The instrument is specially designed to offer chemical and wear resistance. The barrel is made of hard borosilicate glass. The syringe is sterilisable as it is heat resistant. The barrel and the plunger easily slide past each other. This smooth movement makes the task of drawing in and expelling liquids easy and efficient. A fine graduation is provided on the syringe for accurate volume measurements. The plunger air tightness allows the user to hold a particular pressure. A three-ring holding attachment can be incorporated into the instrument, if required. Specifications: Product: The PLS Glass Syringe with Luar Tip Volume: 20 mL Graduation: 0.5 mL

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