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Stafi has its office in Mumbai, India and is one of the suppliers of food safety and automobile safety products. 5-in-1 Water Test is an enzymatic test to semi-quantitatively determine the total hardness, pH, nitrites, nitrates and chlorine in water samples. GlutenTox-pro kit is used for rapid gluten detection kit from food samples and surfaces. OleoTest is a colourimetric assay that determines total polar compounds in frying oil/fats in 2 minutes. VITO® Digital Oil Tester is a battery operated tool designed for the quick measurement of the health of the oil in a fryer. Based on the results, you can see if its time to change the fryer. Other products supplied include oil filters, oil testers and oil filtration systems.


₹ 3,536.00

Brand: Stafi

Catalog No.: KT-6123

Quantity/Unit: 50 strips/Kit

Availability: In stock

₹ 28,478.00

Brand: Stafi

Catalog No.: KT-5660

Quantity/Unit: 25 tests/Kit

Availability: In stock

₹ 13,822.00

Brand: Stafi

Catalog No.: OT 50

Quantity/Unit: 50 tests/Kit

Availability: In stock

₹ 45,000.00

Brand: Stafi

Catalog No.: OT

Quantity/Unit: 1 Unit/Case

Availability: In stock