AccuSense Infrared Thermometer

AccuSense Infrared Thermometer

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Brand: Accurex Biomedical

Catalog No.: 10010

CAS No: 2345678-11-8

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Product Description

Over the past few months, the 2019 novel corona virus disease (COVID-19) has transformed into a global pandemic, affecting several people. The disease is caused by the virus novel SARS-CoV-2, which transmits through respiratory droplets. The disease manifests in the form of shortness of breath and flu-like symptoms, accompanied by high fever. Medical and government authorities all over the world are trying to increase the testing rate. Screening people before they enter public places like malls, offices, transport vehicles, etc., can help in preventing the spread of the disease. Since high fever is a symptom of COVID-19, one method of screening is checking the body temperature of individuals. The AccuSense Infrared Thermometer from Accurex Biomedical is designed to allow the checking of body temperature in a quick and contact-free manner. This thermometer is available in three different screen colours (purple, red and green). The following are the technical details of the product:

Mode of measurement: Non-contact

Display resolution: 0.1℃

Range of Measurement: 

For human body (32.0℃ - 42.9℃)

For objects (0℃ - 80℃)

Detect accuracy:

0℃- 31.9℃  ±2℃ 

32℃- 34.9℃  ±0.3℃ 

35℃- 41.9℃  ±0.2℃ 

42℃- 42.9℃  ±0.3℃ 

43℃- 80℃  ±4℃"

Applied ambient temperature: 10℃- 40℃ /50℉- 104℉

Battery size: DC 3V (2PCS AA batteries)

Display unit: ℃ / ℉

Auto power off: 30 seconds

Battery level reminder: 2.5±0.2V

Back-light: Three coloured backlight (purple, green, blue)

Memory capacity: 32 groups

Certifications: FDA, CE, ISO 13485:2016

Product weight: ≤93G

Carton details: 

Quantity - 50 pieces per carton

Size: 570X370X 290 MM

Gross weight: 7.27KG


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