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iStir HP 350 Hot plate stirrer - 2200 RPM

iStir HP 350 Hot plate stirrer - 2200 RPM

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  • Brand: Neuation
  • Catalog No.: iStirHP350
  • Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/Box
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


A hot plate stirrer manufactured by iStir having a voltage potential of 220/110 Volts and a temperature of 350 degree celsius has become an essential equipment of biological labs. This Hot plate stirrer 2200 RPM having the feature of easy celsius and fahrenheit working module is extensively used in molecular biology labs more stirring and mixing solutions regularly used in experiments including culture media, bio-chemical solutions and cells or tissue solution.

Now, this Hot plate stirrer 2200 RPM has some accessories which includes temperature sensor probes,stand and boss head, a separate immersion stirrer, remonte pendant sensor and specific pin type power cable.The machine has a single stirring position which has a capacity to hold upto 20 litres and has a stir bar length 25mm. The IP21 Class Protection equipment has a RS232 Interface and a ceramic set up plate of 180mm by 180 mm dimension. This Hot plate stirrer 2200 RPM has a temperature range of room temperature to 350 degree celsius and a running time of 1- 999 min. The Brushless DC Motor run maintenance free instrument has a speed of 2200 rpm with a speed control of 10 rpm per step. It has a programmable pulse of 30 - 99 secs and can be used to save upto 99 protocols at a time. It allows for temperature or probe display and has error code generation capacity when there is a malfunction such as probe not being dipped or the solution being exhausted. Other features such as the following makes it a viable and necessary lab equipment

Accidental spillage prevention safe drain channel

Stir bar slip detection feature

Temperature limit settings

Remote pendant for operating the device from a distance

Accidental Parameter Change Keypad Locking System

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