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Brand: U R Biocoction

Catalog No.: MPTMINI-06

Quantity/Unit: 1 Pc/PACK

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Expiry Date : 01-Jan-1970

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Product Description

Minipipettes are supplied by URBIOCOCTION. Pipettes are widely used laboratory liquid handling devices. Pipettes use a piston and suction mechanism to draw in fixed volumes of liquids into a disposable chamber. Pipettes of various volume handling capacities are available ranging from several mL to one tenth of a microlitre. Pipettes are routinely used as sterile liquid handling devices. Micropipettes are used to manage small volumes of liquids in a precise and sterile manner and are used for sensitive application such as handling nucleic acids, proteins, etc. The Minipipettes from URBIOCOCTION have the following features:

- The pipettes are fully autoclavable and are hence fit for sterile applications.

- They are available in Fixed, Single channel modes.

- Various volume capacities are available -50l

Product specifications:

Product name: Minipipettes


Catalogue number: MPTMINI