Native PAGE Protein Molecular Weight Marker-3110600011730

Native PAGE Protein Molecular Weight Marker-3110600011730

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  • Quantity/Unit: 5 x 0.5 ml/Pack
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Native PAGE Protein molecular weight marker is a laboratory grade marker used in molecular biology experiments. It is used to characterize the proteins separated in poly-acrylamide gels in their native state. Native Page protein molecular marker should be used specifically for proteins separated using Native PAGE i.e in absence of SDS. The marker contains digested bands of different sizes and molecular weights of protein which helps in identification of molecular weight of unknown protein under experiment. The marker is useful for identifying molecular weight of proteins over a wider range and comes in 5 x 0.5ml. The marker comes in volumes sufficient for loading many times. The marker is supplied in 10 mM Phosphate buffer (pH 7.0), 0.15 M KCl and 50% glycerol. The protein, their respective molecular weights (MW) are as follows - Catalase (240000 Da), BSA (67000 Da), Ovalbumin (43000 Da), Trypsin soyabean inhibitor (20,100 Da), Lactoglobulin (18400 Da). It should be stored at -20-degree Celsius for long term use or 4 degree Celsius for daily usages.

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