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Neuation Overhead Stirrers - iStir OH 40 Prime

Neuation Overhead Stirrers - iStir OH 40 Prime

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  • Brand: Neuation
  • Catalog No.: OHS1-2401
  • Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/Box
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Neuations Overhead Stirrers are of great help in most laboratory experiments that are routinely performed in a biological lab. Their Brushless DC motor run Overhead Stirrer 40L is ideal for mixing high viscous solutions which cant be done easily by using regular magnetic stirrers.

This equipment with its high end technology such speed control and smart stirring can easily handle highly viscous solution. Using the Overhead Stirrer 40L one can homogenously mix a high volume of highly viscous solution such as cell culture, all the while maintaining constant even speed stirring. The instrument has a speed range of 50 1000 rpm and can handle upto 40L of solutions. The Overhead Stirrer 40L has a viscosity level of 30000 mPas and has IP 54 Class Protection. The power intermittent mode ensures that the machine has a memory of the run and automatically resumes at the same point where it left off during a power failure. This eradicates any lag phase in stirring and eliminates the scope of overdoing it. The machine has an adjustable run time of 1 min to 99 hrs and 59 mins to infinity based on which researchers run their experiment protocol

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