Neuation Overhead Stirrers - iStir OH 75 Elite

Neuation Overhead Stirrers - iStir OH 75 Elite

Brand: Neuation

Catalog No.: OHS2-1201

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Product Description

Overhead Stirrers have become invincible part of most biological laboratories as they offer high end accuracy in homogenous mixing which isnt achievable by normal magnetic stirrers. To this effect various types of this machine is created by Neuation to fulfil the purpose of high viscosity solution mixing based on the volume capacity. This particular model of the instrument having a speed range of 50 2000 rpm is ideal for mixing upto 75L of solutions, as suggested by its name.

Now this Overhead Stirrer 75L is run by a Brushless DC motor has a viscosity level of 50000 mPas and has a torque of 75 Ncm which is effective in mixing such high volumes of solutions. Their large digital display makes it suitable for depicting all the parameters and time at once. The instrument has a running time of 1 min to 99 hrs and 59 mins to infinity. According to the experiment protocol and need, researchers set the time duration out of the 2 applicable modes. The Overhead Stirrer 75L with its reversible CW and CCW mixing motion and the smart control speed stirring ensures speed is maintained throughout the process even where the solution becomes more viscous. As usual, the over current and over temperature features prevents from overheating and maintains the temperature while the IP 42 protection class feature protects this 5.1 kg weight equipment.