Optochin (5mcg) Op

Optochin (5mcg) Op

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Brand: Micromaster

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Quantity/Unit: 50 discs/Vial

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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified

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Product Details

Optochin (5mcg) Identification Discs are supplied by Micromaster. They are available as filter paper discs of 6 mm diameter bearing letters “Op” in continuous printing style. It is advisable to store these discs between 2-8°C for maximum efficiency.

• Quantity provided: 50 discs/Vial

Optochin discs are filter paper discs impregnated with 5 μg of optochin. The test is based on the property of viridans streptococci to grow in the presence of Optochin (ethyl hydrocuprein hydrochloride) which inhibits pneumococci. This test is performed for the diagnosis of penumococcal infections. Specimens of sputum, lung aspirate, pleural fluid, CSF, urine or blood are first examined by Gram’s stain, cultured and the isolates are then subjected to Optochin Sensitivity Test. Alpha haemolytic (viridans) streptococci and Pneumococcus (Streptococcus pneumoniae) cannot be easily distinguished on Blood Agar plates as pneumococci strain shows partial clearing of blood and greenish discolouration (a-haemolysis). Optochin is inhibitory for pneumococcal growth whereas other streptococci strains show good growth or a very small zone of inhibition.



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