ROCKYVAC-TM Oil Free Compressor-7110

ROCKYVAC-TM Oil Free Compressor-7110

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Product Description

Compact, light and aluminium die construction, with oil free piston power. Use ROCKYVAC Oil Free compressor for oxygen supply in water, agitation in fermentation tank, aeration test and bubble test. Model: ROCKYVAC 320. Power: 220V 50hz, Max Power (W): 85, Max Current (A): 0.4, Max pressure: 80 psi, Max Flow 0 psi: 12 I/min, Max Flow 20 psi: 9.5 I/min, Max Flow 30 psi: 8 I/min, Max Flow 40 psi: 7 I/min, Max Flow 60 psi: 3 I/min, Motor Rotation: 1400 RPM, Capacitance 24 uf 450 V, Horse Power: 1/8 HP, Net Wt. 4.1 kg, Port Thread: 5/16", Noise Level: 50 dB