TMB Solution (1X), Ready to Use for ELISA, 1000 ML

TMB Solution (1X), Ready to Use for ELISA, 1000 ML

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Brand: Denovo Biolabs

Catalog No.: AR1013-1000ML

Quantity/Unit: 1000 ML/Pack

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Product Description

TMB Substrate Solution is widely used chromogenic substrate for Peroxidase (HRP) based detection system in ELISA. The reagent is clear to light blue Solution. This is used for Endpoint assay using 1N H2SO4 / 1N HCl. TMB Substrate solution produces a soluble blue color with HRP, this reaction can be stopped with equal volume of 1N H2SO4 (sulphuric acid). The optical density of the resulting color solution can be read at 450 nm.


  • Reagent is clear to light blue solution.
  • Ready to use.
  • Stop the reaction using 1N H2SO4.
  • Read optical density at 450 nm within 15 minutes after stopping the reaction.


  • Do not dilute the reagent.
  • Avoid direct exposure to light.
  • Avoid opening container for longer time.

APPLICATION: Recommended for standard ELISA Assay in R&D and diagnostics

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