Utility Tray, Material: PP Autoclavable-240070

Utility Tray, Material: PP Autoclavable-240070

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Catalog No.: 240070

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Product Description

Utility Tray PP is supplied by Tarsons. They have a dimension of 360 x 130 x 130 (L x W x H mm).

• Quantity provided: 6 pieces/pack

Utility trays serve multiple purposes in the lab. They can be used to carry or store multiple glassware at a time. Mixing liquids or transferring product from one container to another can be done over these trays, or they can be placed under equipment, for spill containment. They can even be used to prevent a possible leak from a product from running all over the place. Polyethylene is the preferred choice of material used for making utility trays since they do not corrode or rust, hence are long lasting. Also, they can be cleaned using just soap and water. Utility trays are available in a range of colours and sizes. 


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