Butyraldehyde, 98%,2.5lt

Butyraldehyde, 98%,2.5lt

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Brand: Avra Synthesis Pvt. Ltd.

Catalog No.: ASB2123.2.5lt

CAS No: 123-72-8

Quantity/Unit: 2.5lt/Bottle

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Expiry Date : 01-Jan-1970

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Product Description

Butyraldehyde, 98% is supplied by Avra Synthesis. It appears as a clear and colorless liquid and has a molecular formula CHO. Its molecular weight is 72.11 gm/mol. Butyraldehyde is utilized as an intermediate in the production of synthetic resins, rubber vulcanization accelerators, solvents, and plasticizers. It is also an intermediate for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, crop protection products, pesticides, antioxidants, tanning auxiliaries, and perfumes.


Name: Butyraldehyde, 98%

Brand: Avra Synthesis

Pack size: 2.5lt

Catalog number: ASB2123.2.5lt


CAS Number: 123-72-8

Physical State: Liquid

Molecular Weight: 72.11

Storage: Store at Room Temperature

Boiling Point: 75-76C

Melting Point: -99 to -96C

Density: 0.81

Molecular Formula: CHO

Appearance: Clear and colorless liquid

Purity (by GC): NLT 98.00%

Solubility: Miscible with DCM