Nunc 12 wells plate, Cell-Culture treated

Nunc 12 wells plate, Cell-Culture treated

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Nunc 12-well polystyrene (PS), sterile multidish features a Nunclon Delta certified surface treatment that ensures excellent conditions for cell attachment and growth. The culture area of Nunc 12 well plate is 3.5cm2. It contains lid and has excellent optical quality. Its lids are vented for gas exchange and has notched corners for easy orientation. It has recessed areas around wells which act as a water reservoir to reduce evaporation from wells. It is useful in every area of cell culture including scale-up and cloning. It has a lower risk of cross contamination due to flat bottom and raised well. There is a tangible difference between lid and plate which makes stacks of dishes easy to handle. A visual guide to lid position facilitates one-way lid orientation. It has individual alphanumeric markings on both lid and plate for easy identification of samples also, it has writing areas on lid and plate which makes it convenient and safe for identifying. Nunc 12-well plates are certified non-pyrogenic, sterile and non-toxic.