18-Crown-6, 98%,5gm

18-Crown-6, 98%,5gm

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18-Crown-6 is supplied by Avra Synthesis Pvt. Ltd. 18-Crown-6 is an hygroscopic crystalline organic chemical compound, extensively used as a phase transfer catalyst. 18-Crown-6 is used for solubilizing metal salts, particularly potassium salts in solvents that are dipolar and aprotic. 18-Crown-6 as a metal complexing agent is used in the manufacturing of a variety of metal complexes..
Product Specifications:
1.Product name: 18-Crown-6.
2.Item Code: ASC1830.
3.Brand: Avra Synthesis Pvt. Ltd.
4.Appearance: Colorless crystalline solid;White to off-white low melting solid .
5.Physical State: Solid.
6.Molecular formula: C12H24O6.
7.Molecular weight: 264.32.
8.CAS: 17455-13-9.
9.Pack Size: 5 gm.
10.Boiling point: 116 C.
11.Melting point: 42-45C.
12.Solubility: The product is soluble in methanol.
13.Grade: Analytical grade.
14.Risk (R) data: 22-36/37/38.
15.Safety (S) data: 26-36.
16.Density: 1.237.
17.Flash Point: Fp : >230F.
18.1H NMR: The 1HNMR spectrum of sample should match with that of compound structure.
19.Purity by GC: NLT 98.0%.
20.Moisture content (by KF): NMT 1.00%.
21.Storage: Store the product at +15C to +25C.
22.Synonyms: cis-Dicyclohexano-18-crown-6; Dicyclohexyl-18-crown-6; Perhydrodibenzo-18-crown-6; Dicyclohexano-18-crown-6 ether; Icosahydrodibenzo[b,k][1,4,7,10,13,16]hexaoxacyclooctadecine; 2,5,8,15,18,21-Hexaoxatricyclo(,14)hexacosane.

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