Copper chromite, 40%,100gm

Copper chromite, 40%,100gm

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Copper chromite is supplied by Avra Synthesis Pvt. Ltd. Copper chromite is an inorganic black solid compound that acts as a catalyst in the organic synthesis of other chemical compounds. Copper chromite are mostly used in the reactions that requires hydrogenation or dehydrogenation. It is also used in the manufacturing of esters and amines.
Product Specifications:
Product name: Copper chromite
Catalog no.: ASC2053.100gm
Brand: Avra Synthesis Pvt. Ltd
Molecular formula: Cu2Cr2O5
Molecular weight: 163.54
Pack Size: 100 gm
Product Features:
Appearance: Black powder
Physical State: Solid
CAS: 12053-18-8
Solubility: The product is insoluble in water
Density: 0
Storage: Store the product at +15C to +25C
Synonyms: Cupric chromite (Cu2Cr2O5); Daipyroxide Black 9512; Copperchromium oxide; Shepherd Black 1GM; Ferro PK 3095

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