ETHYL IODIDE (for synthesis) (iodoethane)

ETHYL IODIDE (for synthesis) (iodoethane)

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Catalog No.: 00700 00250

CAS No: 75-03-6

Quantity/Unit: 250 ml/Bottle

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Product Description

Ethyl iodide by Research Lab Fine Chem Industries is a high grade reagent. Also known as Iodoethane, this is an organic compound. The reagent is available as a liquid which is poorly soluble in water. It has a melting point of 111.10 C and a boiling point of 71.5 to 73.3 C. Ethyl iodide can be prepared using red phosphorus, absolute ethanol and iodine. While it is stable under general conditions, this reagent is incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. CAS No.: 75-03-6 Quantity Provided: 250 ml per bottle Molecular formula: C2H5I Molecular weight: 155.97 Assay: minimum 99 % Ethyl iodide has a variety of applications in chemical and biological sectors. This compound finds several applications in the synthesis of various organic derivatives. Ethyl iodide is widely utilized as an ethylating agent in organic synthesis to introduce an ethyl group into a compound. It additionally reacts with magnesium to form the Grignard reagent, ethylmagnesium iodide. Ethyl iodide is furthermore applied to prepare 1-ethyl-3-nitro-2-phenyl-indole and it also serves as a hydrogen radical promoter. This reagent is suitable for the industrial synthesis of products and research applications.

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