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Catalog No.: GRM396-100G

CAS No: 9000-69-5

Quantity/Unit: 100 gm/Bottle

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Product Description

Pectin is supplied by HiMedia. Also known as Poly-D-galacturonic acid methyl ester, it is available in the form of a white to light brownish or light greyish powder. Pectins are a loosely defined group of polysaccharides containing a significant amount of galacturonic acid and some L-arabinose, d-galactose and l-rhamnose. It is advisable to store this product below 30⁰C.

• CAS No.: 9000-69-5

Pectin is a group of substances which forms gels when dissolved in water under suitable conditions. It is derived from protopectin found in the middle lamellae of plant cells. Protopectin is insoluble, but is converted to soluble pectin as fruit ripens or is heated in an acid medium. Pectin is a negatively charged colloid in an acid fruit substrate. As sugar is added to this colloid, the pectin–water equilibrium breaks down, and a fibrous network capable of supporting liquids is established. The fiber network forms the gel necessary for jams, jellies, and preserves.


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