Comb 1.00 mm

Comb 1.00 mm

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Tarsons spare comb can be optimally used to create wells for agarose gel electrophoresis. Researchers can use these combs to cast gels with 1 mm wells. The two combs provided can be used to form 10-20 wells in the gels which are enough for most sequencing applications. In order to ensure DNA migrates through the gel, agarose needs to polymerize with small wells which is where samples are added. Tarsons comb guarantees the creation of uniformly sized and shaped wells which can hold the loading sample. Produces 1 mm wells in gels Quantity provided: 2 combs per pack Compatible with most gel casting trays The 1 mm wells produced by these combs can hold up to 44 l of loading buffer. Researchers can use these trays for setting gels required for estimation of the size of DNA molecules following restriction enzyme digestion, for example in restriction mapping of cloned DNA. Other applications include, but are not limited to: analysis of PCR products in molecular genetic diagnosis or genetic fingerprinting, separation of DNA fragments for extraction and purification, separation of restricted genomic DNA prior to Southern transfer, or of RNA prior to Northern transfer. The comb can also make wells for vertical gel electrophoresis.


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