Wide Mouth Wash Bottle, Material: LDPE250 ml

Wide Mouth Wash Bottle, Material: LDPE250 ml

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Product Description

560089 is referred as Wide Mouth Wash Bottle under Tarsons  Products Pvt. Ltd. Catalogue, category bottles. 560089 Wide Mouth Wash Bottle are  wash bottles useful for dispensing liquids. Solutions can be dispensed easily by lightly squeezing the bottle. The flexible polyethylene delivery tube

can be directed wherever required. The wide mouth of bottle allows easier filling. It can be used with most acids, bases, alcohols, bleach, detergents and surfactants. Wide Mouth Wash Bottle can be used for disinfecting a countertop with a bleach solution, rinsing microscope slides or reusable lab ware and  cleaning electrodes.


• Wide Mouth Wash Bottle, LDPE

• Material: Medical Grade  Low Density Polyethylene confirming to USP Class VI

• Translucent

• Excellent chemical resistance to acids, alcohols and bases

• Leak-proof closure with long stem

• Capacity: 250 ml

• Pack size: 12 bottles  per pack