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Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker

Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker

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  • Brand: ANM Industries
  • Catalog No.: SSA-200
  • Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/Box
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


Electromagnetic sieve shaker; supplied by ANM industries, designed for dry and wet sieving suitable for laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, research centers and many other places where particle sized sieving analysis is necessary. Electromagnetic sieve shaker is ideal for particle size analysis and separation.


Height: Max 205 mm

16 x 2 character alphanumeric LCD display.

Upto 8 sieves of 15mm height/Upto 16 sieves of 205mm height.

3 directional shifting motion

Intermittent and Continous tapping motion

Low noise operation

Electromagnetic sieve shaker can be used for size separation, fractioning, particle size determination

Convenient Operation

Electronic Controlled Amplitude & Frequency.

Is User-friendly, low-noise, robust, and long-lasting

Used in research & development, quality control of raw materials, interim and finished products as well as in production monitoring

Electromagnetic sieve shaker shows excellent separation efficiency even with short sieving times

Egronomic Design.

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