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iShak PS10/20 Platform Shaker Attachments - Funnel Attachment

iShak PS10/20 Platform Shaker Attachments - Funnel Attachment

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  • Brand: Neuation
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


Biological laboratory experiments requires a fair share of accessories or attachment elements to support large equipment. The iShak PS10/20 funnel attachment is one such thing that is widely used in our labs as we sometimes need to mix dyes and indicators into the culture media. We do this by using a funnel and when it needs to be done while the culture media constituents are being vigorously shaken on the platform shaker, you need a funnel attachment.

The iShak PS10/20 funnel attachment, is a specific funnel accessory which is compatible to iShak PS10/20 Platform Shaker. This is used to hold the funnel in position while the supplements are being added into the solutions. Although it can be used with other similar devices but its advisable to use specific and compatible attachments for a more accurate result.

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