Tumbling Shaker, 7  Angle

Tumbling Shaker, 7 Angle

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Product Description

TUMBLING SHAKER, 70  ANGLE; supplied by ANM industries, used for homogeneous mixing of samples in flasks, culture flasks or petridishes. Tumbling Shaker is suitable for variety of shaking applications in the fields of microbiology, biotechnology, cell / tissue culture and medical diagnostics. 

Product specifications:

• Motor type: Brushless DC motor

• Capacity: 3 kg

• Dimension: 307 L * 267 W * 165 H

• Time setting range: 1 to 999 mins & continous

• Speed: 10-80 RPM

• Shaking movement: Tumbling

• Plate size mm: 307L*267W

• Orbital angle :  7° Angle


• Shaking mechanism of tumbling shaker is designed for problem free continuous use. 

• Suited for small scale shaking operations

• Tumbling Shaker can be used for gentle mixing of liquid samples to ensure homogeneous growth of cultures.

• Ideal for gentle mixing samples

• Tumbling Shaker is designed for continuous or time based operation.

• Smooth orbital shaking motion

• Low noise and stable operation